What happens during a water fast?

    Tuesday, September 1 2020

    I am getting ready for something like Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride in the Reverse Universe for a few weeks and doing a supervised water fast. It is as much about resting from physical activity and normal daily stressors as it is about food. I learned about the science of water fasting from Dr. Rick Dina who teaches the course “The Science of Raw Food Nutrition” at Living Light Culinary Arts Institute in Fort Bragg, California.

    Documented research recounts an amazing array of benefits to giving your body a complete rest from digesting food.  Digestion takes about three quarters of the energy you expend, which is a huge chunk of your daily supply.  Apparently, when you free that energy up, your body does what it most wants to do with energy, heal and repair itself.

    What happens during a water fast?  Well, you drink water. In this clinic, True North Health Center, distilled water, exclusively for the duration of the fast.

    How long?  Up to you.  Some people here are doing 20 days or more.  I am fasting for 10 days. Aside from constant medical monitoring, the most important part of the program is the return to eating. Specifically to reintroduce food gently to the digestive system and the shrunken little stomach.

    The return is half as long as the fast.  In my case, 5 days. It begins with fresh juices, then raw vegetables and fruits, then cooked vegetables then added nuts, grain and legumes. The Natural Hygiene philosophy excludes added oil and salt.

    My principal interest in water fasting is to have a complete understanding of the impact it has on muscle tissue and contraction strength. Hence using myself as a test pilot to see what happens so I can be educated and informed when clients ask me about detoxification and fasting for healing or weight loss.

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    For more information about digestion, fasting and your overall health, contact Dorothy Sager at SynergyWellnessNW.

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