About Me

    Dorothy Sager

    Dorothy Sager

    I am a Health Coach, Nutritional Therapist and Kinesiologist, certified through the Nutritional Therapy Association and the American College of Sports Medicine. My additional certifications as a Raw Food Chef and Metabolic Testing Specialist empower me to support the success of my clients.

    I am trained to develop bioindividual nutrition plans that take into consideration the genetics and food sensitivities of a client and provide guidance for supplemental support to accelerate healing.

    I use many tools to help clients optimize overall health and physical performance. As needed, I may suggest lab tests that will give us pivotal direction as we move forward. My practice base includes medically referred clients, self-referred clients and athletes of all levels.


    For twelve years as Education and Training Manager I set the corporate training course for Technogym USA, an international fitness and biomedical company. I am an accomplished trainer and writer, contributing to books and fitness publications.

    I am the Washington State Health Promotion Specialist for Optum Healthcare Medicare Supplement and provide the members with exercise and health guidance.

    Other stages in my professional career include research on Exercise and Aging at the University of Washington, teaching anatomy and physiology, managing corporate wellness programs, developing wellness software and managing a clinical practice.

    I work now as a Health Coach, Nutrition Coach, Chef, and Personal Trainer. I ride my bicycle and explore the back roads wherever I am.

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