Your Metabolism

    Customize your nutrition and training program to meet performance and weight goals!

    Create more active metabolizing muscle tissue to increase your body’s demand for fuel.  Efficient strength training techniques use more muscle fibers per muscle in less training time. This is the most efficient way to shift your body fat to lean mass ratio.

    How many calories can I eat without gaining weight?
    Resting Metabolic Rate is the number of calories you burn at rest. Adding in an estimate of the number of calories you burn at work and play gives you the number of calories needed to function in your day.

    What kind of food should I be eating? Each person is unique in the foods that are optimal for maximum health. I work with my clients to identify an optimal menu

    How hard should I be exercising? How hard should I be breathing?
    Submaximal Field Testing identifies the low and high metabolic thresholds that guide training intensity. Harder is not always better to develop fitness. This is how you can improve with proper training.

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