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  1. Re-starting Your Metabolism After a Water Fast
  2. Food After Water Fasting
  3. Am I Losing Muscle During a Water Fast?
  4. What happens during a water fast?
  5. Power to Change Habits
  6. Stress Management Through Self Empowerment
  7. The Pleasure Trap May Kill You
  8. Salt, Sodium and Your Health
  9. Good Digestion Trumps Good Nutrition
  10. Restore Your Health
  11. Cleanse Your Body
  12. Lactate and Cyclists – Reduce Production or Increase Utilization?
  13. Making Plant Food Sing
  14. Doctors Want Education On Integrative Medicine
  15. Protein Needs – The Reality Check or “Where Do Vegans Get Their Protein?
  16. Eating the Green Road for Health, Sustainability and Compassion
  17. How Salt Affects Body Weight
  18. Your Stomach – The Inner Disco of Digestion
  19. Take Action on Purpose
  20. Working with a Wellness Coach
  21. Are You Healthy in Six Dimensions?
  22. Nonfat Foods and Blood Sugar
  23. Rabbit Food for the Refined Palate
  25. SynergyWellnessNW is honored to be a sponsor of Team Jesse, THE RIDE
  26. Curry ingredient Turmeric (aka Curcurmin) is an amazing anti-inflammatory
  27. I’m in print again! Alaska Airlines Magazine September issue.
  28. Blue Green Smoothies
  29. Soaking Nuts and Seeds: Healthier Protein with Sprouted Seeds
  31. Report from the Women’s Sports Foundation 2009
  32. Should you run barefoot or in high tech shoes???
  33. Frankenfoods are coming to an organic farm near you
  34. At the Kirsten Wind Tunnel on my bike
  35. Solo Kitchen Opus is a success
  36. Eat Wise, Be Well

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