Working with a Wellness Coach

    Friday, August 3 2012

    Wellness coaches operate from the perspective that clients have the wisdom and capacity to succeed at changing their habits and sustaining new behaviors. “Coaches help their clients clarify their thoughts and encourage them to come up with their own solutions,” says Dorothy Sager, a Seattle-based certified wellness coach and founder of the company Synergy Wellness NW. “Wellness coaches don’t fix—they guide.”

    Because the process allows clients to define success on their own terms, and because the wellness coach’s role is that of a supportive advocate, clients typically have positive experiences. They also frequently achieve what they set out to do, says Sager. “Interestingly, clients I have worked with have all reached the goals we set up.”*

    Coaches are change agents. Healthy habits need intention, action and time to grow into full bloom behaviors.  People know they feel less than great and are not sure why or what they could do to feel great again.

    Hire a Personal Coach as your concierge to health.  Athletes use coaches to achieve better performance.  See what a month of support can do for you.

    Dorothy Sager of Synergy Wellness NW

    Contact me at for a complimentary 30 minute phone consultation on how you can feel your best.

    *Excerpt from an article published in Alaska Magazine September 2010

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