Rabbit Food for the Refined Palate

    Tuesday, July 3 2012

    A mostly raw, organic, plant based diet is the essence of healthy nutrition.  This way of eating promises to heal your body and soul.

    Heal a range of health issues from pre-mature aging and hair loss to cancer.  Read The China Study by T. Colin Campbell to learn more, jaw-dropping, incredible stories of healing.  Know that digestion is the first key to being well and feeling healthy.  In this hurried world people are often deficient in digestion because it starts with chewing and they rarely take time to savor food.

    Raw, organic food is the basis of good nutrition

    Not every population suffers from obesity, diabetes and heart disease the way we do in America.  These “diseases of affluence” are significantly absent or reduced in cultures that eat a predominantly whole foods, plant based diet.

    If weight loss is your goal eat more plant foods with high fiber content and choose lower-starch vegetables.  Any fats you eat should be raw, as from avocado, nuts and seeds.  A study at Tufts Medical School found that overweight people were deficient in the endogenous enzyme lipase, a fat-digesting enzyme, so fat was being stored in the body instead of metabolized.  Cooking destroys lipase.


    My academic training is in Kinesiology which is the physics of how our bodies move and in Nutrition which is the science of how our bodies work.  My chosen career and my personal intention to be active and healthy led me to explore the world of nutrition for health and athletic performance.

    My Mission is to spread the word that having vibrant good health is directly related to what and how we eat and how we exercise our bodies.   I live in Seattle WA and ride my bike as long as it’s not raining!

    For more information on raw food epicurean workshops contact me at www.SynergyWellnessNW.com

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