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    Friday, August 17 2018

    You Can Restore Your Health With Good Nutrition

    Did you know that 80% of your immune system is located in your gut?

    1. To be well and healthy you need to eat properly prepared, nutrient dense whole foods AND have efficient digestion.
    2. We do not eat what our bodies recognize as food. Processed food is not whole food.
    3. Processing causes lost nutrients and impaired digestion. We are an over-fed and under nourished population.
    4. Americans drink more carbonated soft drinks than plain water.
    5. Prior to 1920 there was virtually no heart disease in America.
    6. In the early 1900’s the food giants were born: Kelloggs and Post. Processing and preserving became profitable.
    7. Packaged processed foods became an economic machine during WW2.
    8. In 1990 Americans consumed their body weight in sweeteners and salt. The World Health Organization correlated the modern diet with increased infectious disease, deficiency diseases, reduced life span.

    What can you do?  MAKE PROGRESSIVE CHANGES so that at least 65% of the foods you eat are raw, organic and locally grown.

    Whole foods are the source of good nutrition

    Improve Your Diet And Digestion Now

    1. Better health begins with fundamental improvements in your diet and other aspects of your lifestyle.
    2. STRESS shuts down your digestion.  Take a break when you are ready to eat.  Relax, be grateful, enjoy.

    Dorothy is a Raw Vegan Chef and works with clients to create delicious, healthy raw recipes. Contact her at

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