Frankenfoods are coming to an organic farm near you

    Monday, February 8 2010

    When it comes to the food I eat I choose organically grown products and only want (read that “TRUST”) plants or animals that are a direct result of natural selection and evolution to go into my cells.  Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) have become a controversial topic, and justly so.  By altering gene codes a company can patent and own the resulting food.  A company called Monsanto is aggressively altering the food chain for economic benefit regardless of what it will do to life on this planet.

    Please, please be informed about this and take action before it is too late and you have a tumor or third eye growing from your forehead, or before generations following you suffer strange diseases because the food is unfit for consumption and IT IS TOO LATE TO RESCUE THE CONTAMINATED FOOD CHAIN, FOREVER!!!! 

    I know that sounds dramatic but it truly is.  Here, skim through this from The Center for Food Safety.

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