I provide services, education and resources for people who strive to live a lifestyle that sustains their happiness through healthy choices. I have a passion for inspiring sustainable wellbeing.

    My skill is in co-creating successful solutions that fit my client.

    The foundation of my practice is my training in Nutrition and Kinesiology.  My intention is to apply my experience and knowledge as a resource, educator and motivator.  My career in the exercise, health and fitness industry has spanned 30 years.  I am a thriving example of the benefits of an active lifestyle coupled with healthy nutrition.

    My intention is to work with people who want to improve their wellbeing through good nutrition, physical activity and positive psychology. The necessary factor is their interest and willingness to participate in creating their health.  My job is to apply my knowledge and experience to guide them to success.

    My clients are people who know that good health is essential for achieving the goals and dreams they aspire to.

    To find out more about my services, please visit my website: www.synergywellnessnw.com

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