Wellness is the synergy of your lifestyle choices and mental attitude.

My clients are people who are not satisfied with how they feel and want to make new choices for their health and well-being but don’t know where to begin.

Here is a place to begin. Trust 20 years of professional practice, education, training, working with clients and personal success.

The pathway toward well-being that fits you is unique and as individual as you are.  I use a full spectrum approach to support my clients that includes whole food nutritionhealthy food preparation, physical activity and personal empowerment.

We can work remotely or in face to face sessions based on your goals and needs.

Contact me if you want to learn more about your options to achieve optimal well being.

Dorothy Sager

Good Digestion Trumps Good Nutrition

My Restore Your Health post on August 17th ended with the comment “Stress shuts down your digestion”. It bothers me when STRESS becomes the catch all for our physical and emotional illnesses.  Nonetheless, the way our body manages stress is primal and does affect digestion. If you cannot digest what you eat you are starving…Read the Rest »

Nutritional Supplements for Endurance Athletes

I had the good fortune to work with two amazing men last summer who rode their bikes across the US in support of the Team Jesse Foundation www.teamjesse.org They rode 6 days a week, covering up to 110 miles in a day.  That kind of repeated demand on the body systems needs very specific support…Read the Rest »

Take Action on Purpose

The Power of Purpose When you want to make changes toward a healthier lifestyle, do it with purpose. What is your DRIVING purpose? It should be powerful enough to motivate you to action. Live it, breathe it. Know where you are. Follow a plan to achieve the goal. Connect to your purpose then focus on…Read the Rest »

Restore Your Health

You Can Restore Your Health With Good Nutrition Did you know that 80% of your immune system is located in your gut? To be well and healthy you need to eat properly prepared, nutrient dense whole foods AND have efficient digestion. We do not eat what our bodies recognize as food. Processed food is not…Read the Rest »

Cleanse Your Body

What is cleansing? Cleansing is a practice used to promote health and healing by clearing toxins from the body. The concept of cleansing has a long history in natural medicine and has been practiced for thousands of years. What is common across all detoxification programs is that you will eat differently so that you can support…Read the Rest »

Working with a Wellness Coach

Wellness coaches operate from the perspective that clients have the wisdom and capacity to succeed at changing their habits and sustaining new behaviors. “Coaches help their clients clarify their thoughts and encourage them to come up with their own solutions,” says Dorothy Sager, a Seattle-based certified wellness coach and founder of the company Synergy Wellness…Read the Rest »

Are You Healthy in Six Dimensions?

When I was a kid there was a TV show called The Twilight Zone. Do you remember it? It was freaky science fiction about a dimension of time and space different from the one we live in day to day, but existing simultaneously. In considering  your whole health, there are six recognized and simultaneous dimensions…Read the Rest »

Nonfat Foods and Blood Sugar

Never before in the history of mankind have we had an emergency need to lower blood sugar. Diabetes and obesity both have been on a steady rise since the early 1970’s when we replaced the fat in our food with high fructose corn syrup and were seduced by the low-fat but high-sugar content food industry….Read the Rest »

Rabbit Food for the Refined Palate

A mostly raw, organic, plant based diet is the essence of healthy nutrition.  This way of eating promises to heal your body and soul. Heal a range of health issues from pre-mature aging and hair loss to cancer.  Read The China Study by T. Colin Campbell to learn more, jaw-dropping, incredible stories of healing.  Know…Read the Rest »


TEACHING YOUR BODY TO BURN FAT The goal of eating and training is to shift your metabolic efficiency to using fat and preserving carbohydrates over a wide range of intensities.  How you fuel your body has a direct impact on what it chooses to burn.  The more simple carbohydrates you eat, the more your body…Read the Rest »

SynergyWellnessNW is honored to be a sponsor of Team Jesse, THE RIDE

I am grateful for the opportunity to be a sponsor for Kevin Mincio and his support team on this profound demonstration of loyalty, commitment and heart. How deep would you go to honor your promise? Please look and be inspired…. Home

Curry ingredient Turmeric (aka Curcurmin) is an amazing anti-inflammatory

Curcumin Once again, nature rules.  Whole foods contain unlimited healing qualities.  This article talks about the amazing benefits of using Turmeric as an anit-inflammatory.  It supports not only muscle and joint inflammation but has been researched and shown to be beneficial for helping to prevent neural damage and dementia issues.

I’m in print again! Alaska Airlines Magazine September issue.

“Coaches help their clients clarify their thoughts and come up with their own solutions,” says Dorothy Sager, a Seattle based certified Wellcoach and founder of the company Synergy Wellness Coach. “Wellness coaches don’t fix, they guide.”

Blue Green Smoothies

BLUE-GREEN SMOOTHIE  Add this to your list of incredibly nourishing smoothies that taste great.  You can put a smoothie in a water bottle and sip it throughout the morning at work to maintain your energy in a low calorie, high nutrient way.  This recipe delivers 7 grams of protein.  Plus more than 20% of your…Read the Rest »

Soaking Nuts and Seeds: Healthier Protein with Sprouted Seeds

Did you know it is possible to make this natural super food even better?

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