Wellness is the synergy of your lifestyle choices and mental attitude.

My clients are people who are not satisfied with how they feel and want to make new choices for their health and well-being but don’t know where to begin.

Here is a place to begin. Trust 20 years of professional practice, education, training, working with clients and personal success.

The pathway toward well-being that fits you is unique and as individual as you are.  I use a full spectrum approach to support my clients that includes whole food nutritionhealthy food preparation, physical activity and personal empowerment.

We can work remotely or in face to face sessions based on your goals and needs.

Contact me if you want to learn more about your options to achieve optimal well being.

Dorothy Sager

Report from the Women’s Sports Foundation 2009

I am a member of the American College of Sports Medicine.  They are an organization that is recognized as a resource of sports science research and information.   Women in Sports was a presentation last year at the national conferency by a Northwest researcher and academic icon, Dr. Barbara Drinkwater.  We have come a long way baby!!!!!  This is…Read the Rest »

Should you run barefoot or in high tech shoes???

Your body sustains less impact force when you run barefoot than when wearing running shoes.

Frankenfoods are coming to an organic farm near you

SOS (Save our Stomach) from genetically modified Frankenfood from Monsanto. Truly the evil empire.

At the Kirsten Wind Tunnel on my bike

At POTENTRx we are developing the most comprehensive bike fit possible.  Using 3D computer evaluation, lasers, video, portable oxygen uptake equipment and the wind tunnel to optimize your body position for minimal wind drag are all part of the options.  This is not a prohibitively costly procedure either, which is amazing in and of itself. …Read the Rest »

Solo Kitchen Opus is a success

Community Kitchen class wins kudo’s from the people!!

Eat Wise, Be Well

Reincarnated as a duck???

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